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Survivalism – Post competition

Posted: December 5, 2012 in Ludum Dare 24

Before showing off new stuff I thought I’d post the last state of Survivalism – my entry to Ludum Dare 24.

After the competition I felt that a lot things could be done to take the game a little further. Looking back now it’s been quite big packages that I added and even bigger things that I still wanted to do. But before completely polishing all the drive out of the project I’ll just tie things up and move on. Next LD maybe?

Added Features:

  • Enemy and item gfx overhaul
  • Progressive unlocking structure of genes, slots and enemies
  • In-game Tutorial
  • Score system
  • Particle system extended
  • Improved UI and feedback
  • Game pad support

Download the latest version here


QuestViewer 2012-12-05 19-41-41-80 QuestViewer 2012-12-05 19-42-37-96  QuestViewer 2012-12-05 19-46-44-59 QuestViewer 2012-12-05 19-47-20-43 QuestViewer 2012-12-05 19-48-30-40 QuestViewer 2012-12-05 19-48-43-28


So here’s my entry to the Ludum Dare compo, a little action thingie that has you pick up alleles to configure your blast attacks to match your enemies vulnerablities.

Sadly the capturing slowed down the game a bit, it’s faster and smoother if played alone.

Get it here:

Ludum Dare – Day 1

Posted: August 25, 2012 in Ludum Dare 24