Stealth action project

Posted: April 1, 2013 in DaggerQuest

So, new project, still very WIP! Originally born from LD 25’s theme >You are the villain<, this one has you play as the last surviving Imp protecting his dungeon(s) from greedy Heroes that come to raid your treasure chambers. It’s a tower defense-ish fps stealth action game and I’m dubbing it “DaggerQuest”. Still a lot to do, but major gameplay components are in place. Here’s a short video of the prototype in it’s current state:

Feature description:

– Heroes spawn in waves of 1-10 and move towards your dungeon’s treasure chambers, grab some loot and then flee.

Comp_01_HeroEnters copy

– Player can defeat enemies either:

  • in open melee combat, which is near impossible to win without taking damage and of course exposes you to other enemies
  • performing a take-down which requires catching the enemy unaware and unable to block
  • building traps from gathered resources which will incapacitate an enemy

Comp_02_TreasureHunt copy

– Different enemy classes react differently to attack styles, requiring indiviual tactics:

  • enemies come with different types of combat abilites, from melee sword fighting to fireball casting magic
  • enemies’ vision is limited to the light cone of their torches
  • enemies can hear uncautious movement of the player
  • enemies have a set of characteristics that define their behaviour such as speed, tenacity or their quality of hearing
  • when suspecting the player around they will search or even chase him, depending on their properties

Comp_03_CombatStyles copy

– Environmental conditions of the dungeon provide different ambushing possibilities:

  • natural ground to move on quietly vs paved floor on which causes different levels of noise
  • obstacles to hide behind, approach enemies without detection
  • shortcuts to cut off enemies’ routes
  • regenerating resources to collect off the beaten pathes

At this point I’m considering more enemy types, combat and AI need various tweaks and I have figure out a general visual direction. So enough left to do.


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