A quick one

Posted: August 19, 2012 in Entroper

Been tempted to take part in game jams lately and in order to get myself in the blitz-dev mood I threw together this fairly spontaneous design.

You play as an energy-based lifeform – the Entroper – that leeches various forms of energy from entire planets. Goal is to gather enough bio energy to be able to leave the current star cluster, the levels of this game. You may also choose to convert planetary energy into weapons. These you will need to defeat the other hostile lifeforms with which you compete for the planetary resources.

The base types of energy that every planet provides in variing amounts are biotic energy (health), photonic energy (basic ammo) and kinetic energy (booster fuel). Your goal is to gather energy but combat and self defense require you to spend it strategicly for weapon production and protective measures.

Besides the black hole-type moloch in the video I also want hunters that chase the player through the star cluster and drive him forward. Also, as the game is ment to play in geological time scales, I’d like to include cosmolgical events, like sunstorms or supernovae, that might even be triggered by the player as a weapon.

I’m also considering various orientation aids to tell the player where he came from, where enemies are, etc. But I’m kinda cautious to not banalise the simplistc setting.

At this point the star positions and most parameters are randomised and there is no actual level setup, but I imagine with more deliberate planet compositions and timed spawns I’m able to get to a somewhat decently paced experience.


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