Video #03

Posted: May 3, 2010 in Drone: Videos

Here’s the new video, documenting the development progress of my game project. The clip illustrates the core game ideas, all basic gameplay elements are now in place and working.

Quite  a few ideas didn’t make it into this version, not sure whether to implement them just yet or rather move on and start modelling (plus a little more concepting 😉 ).

I’m quite pleased with interaction and movement, whereas combat might need some more variation – more and smarter enemies basically. I’ve also been thinking of additional ways to interact with the drone, e.g. “blind firing” it’s laser while beeing attached to it or wicked combo attacks and such. An additional research feature (similar to the existing harvest-feat.) could allow the drone to inspect specific environmental objects and upgrade it’s weapons or even level up certain abilities. Would add a nice gameplay layer and incite exploration and goody hunting. I might throw in some of those ideas occasionally, but most importantly I’ll get started with the graphics now. Should allow for more frequent updates – so long!


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