prototype clip 2 ready

Posted: April 7, 2009 in Drone: Videos

So this is where I’m at with the game: been working on the enemy AI and the spawning system lately (and there’s still a lot to do) and started thinking about a demo level. Melee combat and enemy behaviours are still  incomplete but gameplay is taking shape already. Here’s what it looks like at the moment:

I think I need to speed up the overall pacing, especially picking up the player with the drone is still pretty stiff. I might automate the pickup a little more and streamline the whole drone interaction further. In general I’m aiming to drive the player into evasive drone jumping and smart use of the drones ranged attack, so the pickup and enemy AI need work towards that.

Another thing I’d like to tackle asap is the camera which I’ll make a little more dynamic and dramatic.

Btw everything here is still dummy objects, I intend to take this thing the whole way grafics-wise, so the clips don’t say anything about the actual look of the game yet 🙂

  1. bob says:

    Really clever idea, but dangling from a ball seems destructive to the protagonist image. Maybe thats how it has been designed. But if you haven’t already it may pay to concept the protagonist surfing on the drone if not at the start at some later point when the user should start becoming interested in the protagonist?

    • walter druck says:

      Interesting, I see your point and I think it’s a matter of selling him convincingly. I believe that for this to feel exciting the mutual dependency of bot and player needs emphasis. Animations are completely overhauled by now, portraying the guy more audacious and vivid. I’d be curious whether you’ll still get that notion from the next clip

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